Why Get Certified

The simple answer is that to remain as competitive as possible today, you must be Certified. The bar has been raised in the safety industry and employers, contractors, governments, and even clients are now taking additional steps to ensure that they are hiring or working with the most skilled and knowledgeable individuals in the business. Professional certifications from the BCSSHO offer them another screening tool -- one that has the backing and credibility of the preeminent professional society in the world for those who are responsible for security and safety.

Every profession requires specialized skills. Not every employer knows that you have those skills. In short, Certification is an investment in your career, your livelihood, your future.

The Board of Certified Site Safety & Health Officers has provided a multitude of resources for the CSSHO to improve their professional safety approach to reduce potential injuries.

Reasons to Certify

You will always need to be up to date on your training requirements. By keeping your training requirements up to date, you will not have to hurry and try to get a course completed in the middle of a contract.

Shows that your skills are current
Shows initiative when certifying is not required
Provides you with personal satisfaction
A lot of contracts require your certifications to be valid and current
Certifications are regularly appearing on job postings as requirements
Hiring Preferences and Salary Increases
Demonstrates your knowledge of your field
Distinguish yourself from others
Minimize errors and reduce exposure to accidents or fatalities
Increase efficiency and reduce cost
​Verifies to management that the certification provider is effectively validating your skills
Keeps you valuable and marketable